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Osteopathy, Low Back Pain

"I've seen many osteopaths over the years and Amandine is by a significant margin the best I've encountered. A truly holistic approach sets her apart from the others and allowed her to fix my low back in two sessions what others couldn't achieve in ten. Highly recommended!"


Osteopathy, Neck and Back Pain


"I have recently had my appointment with Amandine which has been an amazing experience, and the treatment has really helped.
Amandine has been brilliant in understanding the problems with my back and has also given me great advice on what I need to at home. I highly recommed Amandine who is very professional and attentive."


Osteopathy and Pilates, Leg pain


"I saw Amandine after 6 weeks of struggling with a gluteal tear. She was kind, listened to my history, and was knowledgeable and reassuring. She was able to diagnose that the tear had healed, but that the scar tissue was causing the pain now. As such she performed appropriate stretching exercises, educated me as to how I could speed recovery and gave accurate information about the duration of the recovery period. Happy for me to return but relayed that the home exercises should resolve the problem soon, which they did! So overall, a wonderful expert who got me back to my usual exercise-filled week quickly! Would definitely recommend and return to if I have an injury in the future."

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